Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hot off the presses...

Here are the slides of the Python Puzzlers talk I gave literally a few minutes ago at PyCon Ireland, I love the internet!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hearing is believing!

A couple of weeks ago a few friends from the Python Ireland community and I were interviewed for the Code Mongrel podcast. The discussion was entertaining (for us anyway) and wide ranging but also rather long. The editor did a fantastic job creating two great podcasts from the interview session.

The first gave us an opportunity to plug the inaugural PyCon Ireland conference which is on this weekend, but we also discussed other interesting Python and Open Source topics: On PyCon Ireland 2010 and the role of Open Source

The second was more technical covering among other things, "dunder" methods, PyCharm, alternative Python implementations and Python design patterns: Python – I’m all about you, dude!

I would encourage you to subscribe to the Code Mongrel podcast, this is the second season and they were many great podcasts before ours and there are sure to be more in the future.